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We have digital x-ray, ultrasound and endoscopy of upper airway. All portable and convenient for the house calls.In pre-purchase exams can give you an assessment in real time to answer your questions.In specific cases where other imging methods are needed, like CT scan, nuclear scintigraphy ou MRI we work with several hospitals across Europe to answer the needs of every case.


The teeth of horses are of primordial importance not only for good digestion but also for the good physical shape and good bridle contact.Usually a yearly check up is all that is required to address the problems that come up. We send you a report of all the treatments performed and we make sure you get a reminder when the time comes for another visit.



We work only with veterinary laboratories. We also have equipments that allow for a stable side result permiting a better choice of therapy. in the case of export of horses we can take care of the necessary samples and shipping to the appropriate labs in each case.



The identification of horses, donkeys and mules is mandatory in Portugal. This is done by a Blue or Green passport issued by the official authorities. For such passport it is needed a visit of the vet to implant a microchip and make the drawing of the horses.Talk to us and we can take care of the whole process so you have your animal legal.



Dr. Rodrigo Riba de Ave has large experience as a show veterinarian. He is accredited by the national federation (n∫16657) and the FEI (PTV 10087292) for national and International shows. If you are planning a show we can assist you with the veterinary part of it so everything goes as smoothly as possible.



As a non-invasive therapy, shockwave has been around for quite some time and its benefits are scientifically prooven. Back problems, suspensory ligament desmitis, ringbone, etc... Our equipment of one of the most renouned brands in the world (PulseVet) allows to treat many different parts of the body of the horse. Either by our recomendation or by a fellow veterinarian, don't miss out on the benefits of this equipment!



Laser therapy has gained many fans in the last couple of years. Non-invasive, safe and with multiple purposes, it can be used even in the rehabilitation stages. As it usually requires several sessions we can garantee that the correct protocols are folllowed to insure the best results.



Well known from human physiotherapy, Electro-stimulation has very good results in horses as well. The use of low intensity electric current allows the rehabilitation of structures off load and dimishing the pain. This is an equipment that can be used daily and very simple. Generally well tolerated by horses it can make all the difference in the final result of the healing process!



The use of blood derived products of the horse itself has been a big area of study in medicine. There are many studies that proove the eficacy of PRP (platelet rich plasma) and stem cells (prepared from cells of the animal itself or donor animals). The functional result of the healing process of tendons is dramatically better and faster than the previous treatments used. We have a lot of experience with these new techniques and we can advise in the best direction.

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Whenever it is technically feasible, we can perform small surgery on site. When it is not possible we coordinate with reffering hospitals.



We have na equi-mask for rental by the day, week or month. It is a device design for horses to administer medication via airway in case of respiratory problems. Call us to learn more!



We can help you with the formalities in order to buy life insurance for your horse. The price of insurance will depend on the amount insured (usually around 4% of the capital insured). Call us for more info.

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